End of the university name debate in Münster in sight?

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Today, Thursday, the university wants to announce how the discussion on the name will continue after the research report that has now been submitted. The study is not about evaluating Kaiser Wilhelm II from a historical perspective. Rather, the researchers around project manager Eckhard Kluth wanted to show the university senate what relationship Münster and especially the university had to the emperor.

No big connection to the university

The quintessence of the report is clear: although Wilhelm II was a guest in Münster, he never attended the university. Kluth’s conclusion: the relationship between Wilhelm and the university was more fragile than previously assumed.

This also applies to the history of the name. For example, between 1929 and 1952 the university did not officially bear Wilhelm’s name at all. It has not yet been clearly clarified why the university then renamed itself in 1952.

The results put the relationship between Kaiser and university in a new light: There was therefore no real connection.

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